Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Properties of timber cladding

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Timber is an extremely popular material for cladding and for good reason, the properties it possesses make it appealing; it’s environmentally friendly, natural, is fairly lightweight, and is incredibly durable.

Environmentally friendly

As timber is a natural, environmentally friendly material thus it is a renewable source and is biodegradable. More energy is actually used up when producing and manufacturing other cladding materials like concrete or metal and because of this, timber cladding is the more sought out material.

Natural insulation

 The structure of timber is cellular which is brilliant for providing natural insulation. Heat will also be retained during the winter months when it’s colder.

Lightweight material

Another attractive factor of timber cladding is the fact it isn’t a heavy material allowing transportation of the wood to be done with ease. Hiring a professional for the installation of the cladding will also be notably cheaper than any other material because it is lightweight.


Cedar is specifically a durable timber material. Depending on the correct installation and if the wood is regularly treated, it can last an extremely long time. Added to this is timber’s resistance to corrosion, frost, heat and pollution with the exception of moisture which can easily be controlled.

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